About us
Digalco dCedeira dResiduos Cordobelas Kapema 2merca2 Reciclick Hostal Chelsea Fuerza10
Digalco dCedeira dResiduos Fuerza10 Xunta de Galicia Inibe Europarts Distribérica Leira Antiga
Digalco dCedeira dResiduos Reciclick Fuerza10 Cordobelas 2merca2 Hostal Chelsea
About Us

Fuerza 10 is a trademark by which Grupo Digalco developes its activity in the marketing area specializing mainly in the companies trading development

Since more than 5 years Fuerza 10 is carrying out its tasks in the trading area providing companies not only the necessary strength, but the flexibiity and knowledge to reach the market in the Best way and in the least delay as well. In order to achieve its business goals with all the warranties, Fuerza10 has both the technology and the necessary human team for every step of the trading proccess development.

We are conscious both our customer´s products and services require customized designs to help them to reach tangible results. For this we are establishing the accurate trading models, orrectly designed, optimized and systematized.

If you have a product or Service and you wish to dimension your offer in the easiest and the quickest way, we are your company.